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Best employee of April 2022 Get personal advice from Valeriya, receive answers to the main questions regarding buying an apartment in the new real estate market:
  • Which residential complex is the most preferable to invest?
  • How not to mistake when choosing a developer?
  • What do you need to get a mortgage with a 95% approval probability?
  • How to buy an apartment in the new real estate safely and with profit?
  • How to buy an apartment in a new building at a price lower than offered by the developer?

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    You are looking for an apartment in our catalog
    to your taste on your own and leave a request

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    Our expert reaches you,then you update the request together,make a list of items
    that suits you and arrange viewing appointments.

  • 3Price update

    Full price calculation: we take into account all available promo 

    offers and instalment plans
. Bank selection and mortgage approval.

  • 4Harmonization of documents

    Collection and analysis of all documents. 

Deal closure.

  • 5Keys receipt

    You get the keys,from now on you are a happy
    owner of the apartment.